Alley the Dancing Chef

How do you not awkwardly start blog?  Probably not like this, but I guess I will start with sharing a few things about myself. First of all, I’m Alley!

I am a dance instructor.  I get to share the love of dance with a bunch of little kids on a daily basis. Imagination in a necessary qualification for this job, as is a certain capacity of patience.  But there is nothing more rewarding when a little girl in a pink tutu tells you how much she loves you every time she sees you. Or when another comes in with a grin ear to ear eager to tell you about her grades on her report card. Sometimes I get funny gifts like a colored picture of a tractor, or a page full of random math.  There is nothing that makes me feel more like a super hero more than a little ballerina exclaiming ‘Miss Alley!’ when I walk in the room.20171104_175945.jpg

I am also a cook. I just graduated from culinary school and I have started working at the café at the school I just graduated from. I love to cook and I am passionate about helping people with my cooking. Serving people makes me feel happy and satisfies me, it makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.  One of my favorite moments of serving food to someone happened at Bible camp.  I was serving brownies my back facing what felt like a mile-long line of eager kids.  Then a little girl wrapped her arms around me from behind me and hugged me.  She looked up at me with a huge grin and exclaimed how excited she was to have a brownie.

I love my family dearly, my mom and dad are amazing, loving beautiful people and my five siblings much the same.  Growing up in a big family is a huge part of what makes me who I am today.  I have been so blessed beyond measure.  Not to say we haven’t seen our share of hard times, but I have the best support system to back me up.  God knew exactly what He was doing when He put me where I am.

There are many other things that enjoy, like crafting, drawing, hiking, gardening and the outdoors in general. But there is one thing that I hope defines every part of who I am.  My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is not enough I can say about my God.  He saved me from my sins, and has carried me through the hard times, and has restored me to new life.  He has never left my side even though my heart is so prone to wandering.  He challenges me, renews me, and teaches me.  I want everything I am to point to Jesus.  Because I owe everything I am to Him.  This blog is a place where I will share about my varied adventures, lessons and experiences as I navigate life.

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