The Storage room

About a month ago I got home from a short term missions trip in Thailand. I was working with missionary kids during a mission conference. After a missions trip, I don’t know about you, but I always search for some takeaway that would change my life drastically.

Unfortunately on the few missions trips I have been on I have yet to find the big, special life changing moments. But there are little things. Like a little five year old boy whom hadn’t spent much time with me at all remembering my name when saying goodbye. Or when the missionary kids ooh and ahh over strawberries because they don’t get them in the countries that they live in. Or the night where I watched the children watch a movie. I laughed at the sea of laughter that happened whenever something funny did. And prayed over them as they giggled. About where they would go, what they would do and who they will be.

The Australian nine year old who had to go get her cutlery. The little girl who held my hand and was sure she had seen me before (which is impossible). Even when they put too much icing on the cookie at snack time.

Anyway, the big moment, that mysterious epiphany, the calling and life transformation Is not as good as it sounds. It turns out that the little sweet, and tender moments can be more impactful.

One of these precious moments from my trip takes place tucked away in a little storage room. With an old couch, a few baby toys and a mustard yellow blanket on the floor. Here about eight babies would be dropped if each day to be babysat and taken care of. Here I held a sweet four month old baby girl and rocked her to sleep. She fell asleep with her tiny fist around one of my fingers. And here I held her for about an hour. And it was here in the little storage room with baby in arm that was my big moment. A big moment of peace, of joy, of love. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So all this to say, when you are looking for the big moment when you are expecting a life change. Maybe look for it in the storage room.

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